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Cloud Solutions & VAS

MIH cloud solutions based on “everything as a service” concept.

Our Services

Cloud As A Service

  • Cloud Server – Pay-as-you-go  cloud server instant setup with full customization.
  • Cloud Backup – Protect your most valuable data with fully automated features, customizable to back up and restored the data as your preference.
  •  Cloud Share – Applications such as Enterprise File Share to access the data at any time or anywhere for undisturbed business and operation continuity.
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  • IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service)

Instant setup for pay-as-you-go, fully customizable Cloud Server


  • BaaS (Backup As A Service)

Cloud Backup protects your most valuable data with automated functions which can be configured to backup and restore the data as your preference


  • AaaS (Application As A Service)

With enterprise file sharing, access your data online or offline at any time for most efficient collaborative operations with our Cloud Share Applications

  • T2P